Sarah Utter

Artist Bio:

I was born in 1975. Before the age of two, I had lived in Tanzania, Iceland, Nova Scotia, and Detroit, as my father was an underwater welder for a Canadian shipping firm. Then we moved to Olympia. I wanted to be an ornithologist, but was better at drawing than scientific inquiry. I’’ve never been on a waterslide. I was, however, part of the world’s longest banana split. My favorite books are The Big Orange Splot and My Antonia and Flappy The Circus Seal. I live in a cabin overlooking the Puget Sound with two dogs and two cats and one human. I walk in the woods every day. I saw a whale in our inlet but nobody believes me. It took me 12 years to graduate from college. Go figure.

Hand-set letterpress prints,  made using reclaimed paper at Community Print in Olympia. they are 8 1/2 x 11″, and framed in simple wood. Artist website:

Prints $20 Each

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