Workshops and Education



POWER provides skill-building workshops for low-income parents, people who work with low-income families, and the general public. These workshops are free, however we very much appreciate if the host agency, school, or organization can provide a stipend for expenses and/or can make copies of workshop materials. Host organizations are responsible for providing a room for the workshop, a separate room for childcare, a meal (if at a mealtime) or snacks.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact us at 360-352-9716 or


Know Your Rights

Obtaining the public benefits you need to help provide basic neccessities to your family can be unnecessarily confusing and demoralizing.  Parents and service providers who work with parents need to learn their legal rights and how to advocate for those rights.

Our interactive workshop helps participants gain a comprehensive understanding of benefit program eligibility requirements, fair hearings and other self advocacy supports.  They will learn how to find and understand Washington Administrative Code.  Role play will help participants practice speaking up and being effective.


Poverty Awareness

Myths and stereotypes are prevalent about people in poverty and can create a lack of understanding and compassion toward those who are facing homeless, parenting with insufficient resources, and other income-based deprivations. Challenging the myths we have learned and better understanding the realities behind poverty and economics makes us better citizens, able to advocate for improved anti-poverty policies with knowledge and authority.

Our interactive workshop includes a quiz and active discussion that takes a deep look into common misunderstandings and who suffers and who benefits from our current economic policies.



Telling Your Story From A Place of Power

Low-income people often feel that they have little impact on social or economic policies; however, their stories are a powerful tool and if nurtured and developed, can change the hearts and minds of voters, policymakers and legislators. Our interactive workshop looks at the qualities of a good story and helps participants develop their confidence and hone their own experiences to better use this powerful tool.

Our interactive workshop will engage participants in telling their stories, not as victims, but as activists for change.  They will gain useful knowledge in how to develop a story for an event, a legislative hearing, or the media.


Economics 101

For too long dialogues about economics have been reserved for college campuses and groups with social or economic privilege. However people living in poverty are the most affected and a basic understanding of the economic systems that affect our lives can help us identify inequities and work toward ending poverty.

Our interactive workshop looks at local and global economic systems through activities that foster a deeper understanding.  Participants will learn more about local and global movements toward economic rights.


Reproductive Justice 101

Reproductive rights is often a two sided issue.  But taking a deeper look at the institutionalized reproductive oppression of women throughout history, especially low-income women and women of color, paints a much broader picture of control, oppression and women’s bodies.

Our interactive workshop, created by the Western State’s Center, explores the definition of reproductive justice, sharing of experiences, and a framework for social justice work within our communities.



Accompaniment, Allyship, and Solidarity: Strategies for Movement Building

What does it look like to truly support one another as we work toward social justice?  How can we use our privilege to interrupt oppression rather than perpetuate it?  What has worked in the past, and what mistakes should we not repeat?

Our interactive workshop creates space to explore, role-play and look at mistakes and successess toward truly inclusive social justice work.


Legislative Advocacy

Do low-income people truly have a voice our democratic system?  What is effective? What is not?  And how can we develop the skills to reach our elected officials?

Our interactive provides for an exchange of experiences, ideas and skill-building role play.


Working with the Media

How has media changed and how can we effectively share our stories to change hearts and minds?

Our interactive workshop covers the basics of speaking to a reporter, being on television and radio, and creating our own media.


Leadership Development


We used world cafe style popular education long before these were defined styles.  We believe that we all have skills, knowledge and leadership abilities to make positive change in this world, and we become POWERful when we share those abilities to work for social and economic justice.

At POWER, people who may not see themselves as leaders organize actions, projects and initiatives that will create change for many.  We believe those most effected by poverty are the most qualified to lead the movement to change it.