Alchemilla Feminist Economic Collaborative

Women’s Economic Collaborative


We are a group of feminine people who seek economic equality by the means of a right to a desirable livelihood and a right to be with our family.

We define the balance of a desirable livelihood and family as socioeconomics. We demand a right to motherhood!

We recognize children and youth as legitimate participants in society and offer sacred space for them within our group and in our desirable socioeconomic dreams.


We collectively plan alternative socioeconomic workshops open to the community.

We discuss and plan community workshops in collaboration with POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights) and other local organizations to raise awareness around oppression in order to build an inclusive anti-­‐oppressive economy.

WE HOLD MARKETS: In previous years, (pre COVID-19)  Alchemilla held weekly pop up markets during the spring, summer and fall, where Alchemilla entrepreneurs were able to network, establish a  customer base, gain skills,  earn money,  and mentor and support each other to create sustainable livelihoods to better care for our families.


We appreciate any and all contributions to support our hard work. If you are interested in participating, we ask you to please first consider our points of unity.

  1. We are feminine people, working towards our socioeconomic dreams, balancing motherhood and economic livelihood.
  2. We recognize the need for a safe place for individuals who identify as feminine people to form a support group for alternative economics out of need and a desire to dream.
  3. We understand that capitalism and patriarchy infiltrate all facets of life; we acknowledge that mothers and children suffer its consequences. We will no longer accept this and are therefore defining our own economy and taking charge of our own future by working and acting together.
  4. We provide space for children and youth that is sacred to them and the freedom to create and be LOUD!!!!
  5. We seek to collectively challenge both personal and systematic oppression in terms of age, skin color, sexuality, ability, gender, culture and bank accounts.
  6. We acknowledge that radical movements can cause exclusiveness and ambiguity. To subvert the PC of the day, we speak from our own experience, using language and vocabulary that, depending on education and exposure, we’re personally best acquainted with. The PRESONAL REALLY ISPOLITICAL.
  7. We desire to work as a community for the empowerment of ourselves and others!

309 5th Avenue SE, Olympia WA 98501,