POWER’S Wish List

What is POWER’s Wish List?

Along with cash donations, POWER accepts tax-deducatable donations of items required to run our office and programs effectively. BIG or SMALL we will take it all. Anywhere from office supplies to a monthly bus pass for a volunteer or intern, art supplies or toys for out kids’ room, to a person with the specific expertise to assist us in our daily operations. If you have an overstock of printer paper, used furniture you don’t need any more. If you or someone you know has a specialized skill we are looking for, then please let us know. Your donation or time would be appreciated.

Current needs:

  • Gas cards and bus tickets for members to get to POWER events
  • Office supplies: pens, pencils, stamps, paper, paper shredder
  • Pastries for outreach
  • A lazer printer which is able to do double sided copies
  • Newer computers (ours are very old)