Artist Bio:

Hukee, a native to Olympia, loves wood, the smell of ink, paper, and collections of all kinds. These loves make the marriage with letterpressing a perfect union.

My prints typically focus on declarations and proclamations, questioning that which is stasis and moving into the unknown.

Each print is printed a very limited number of times on an old Vandercook #14 proofing press, with each print hand-inked and hand-rolled at Community Print in downtown Olympia. If you would like to learn the art of letterpress on this old machine, please find the Community Print page on Facebook. I offer letterpress proficiencies about 6 times a year to community members for a small price that covers the rent for the space anf the cost of buying new supplies for the shop. You can also contact me directly if you are interested in prints at Let me know you saw my prints at the POWER art sale and 50% will go to POWER for the incredibly important woman-centered, anti-oppression that they do toward a truly just tomorrow.

Prints $15 Each



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