Our Stories

stories from POWER members recorded in the past

Shelly Robbins is a former AFDC recipient. Shelly earned her B.A. as a participant in WA State’s Family Independence Program, a program that encouraged self-determination and education for AFDC recipients.   After graduating from college Shelly was hired by Solo Parenting Alliance to develop a program to create Mutual Support Groups for single, custodial parents. She created 8 groups in the Greater Seattle Area that supported 200 parents.

Shelly went on to create her own company, The QuickSource Inc, which employed 8 people in a flexible working environment that allowed parents to schedule their work around school breaks so her employees could be more available to their children.  Shelly continues to work in her company part-time, and volunteers at POWER to affect legislation that impacts single custodial parents with limited incomes.

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