Jennifer Kuhns

Artist Bio:

I have been working in mosaic since 2000, creating custom architectural installation and fine art panels, with a focus on sustainability. Installation work includes backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, stair risers, entryways, window treatments and more. Fine art panels are for sale at Matter! Gallery in Olympia, WA and at Frank n Dunya gallery in Seattle, WA. I also have a selection of unique mosaic art jewelry at both locations. I love the tactile nature of mosaic, and the process of breaking or cutting materials to create something whole out of fragments. I work in bright colors and organic hues, abstract and representational designs, creating flat, shimmering surfaces or highly textured, 3-dimensional work. Mosaic has a wide variety of applications, and nearly unlimited technique. It is one of the most ancient mediums, yet it is breaking new ground in the contemporary art world, and I can’t stop exploring.

Glass Mosaic Pendant


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