Alternatives for Living in a New Economy

Join us for January’s POWER Outage: 

Alternatives for Living in a New Economy

The declining economy, the rate of foreclosures, and changing family demographics have led us to think differently about the way we live as a household unit. This POWER Outage will be focused on how we can think outside of the single-family dwelling unit and create ways for us to live together in order to survive together. Members of La Casa de Hueso, Olympia’s Family Collective, will bring information on diverse collaborative households from across the world. The house members have direct experience in collaborative living, travel and touring experience, and advanced research in the field of collaborative living. The event will be in a world café setting, meaning active participation from the guest, realizing their dream of living in a new economy and steps to make it happen.

Darby’s Cafe, 211 5th Ave SE, Olympia, WA

Potluck from 5:30p – 6p * Discussion from 6p – 8p

Wheelchair accessible and childcare provided by The Olympia Childcare Collective.

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